Strategic Goal of the Second Project Phase

The second phase of the SALAM Initiative focuses on the following overarching goal:

Develop integrated transboundary water transfer strategies to address the water deficit problem in the Middle East, adapt to climate change, rehabilitate ecosystems and ensure political stability by avoiding water crises.

Objectives of the SALAM Initiative

The overarching objectives of the SALAM Initiative are the following:

  • provide significant volumes of water to the urban demand clusters in the region and to the Lower Jordan Valley through seawater desalination, water transfer and water reuse to cover current and future water deficits and ensure sustainable development;
  • minimize the cost of seawater desalination, water transfer, allocation and reuse;
  • ensure water supply even during extreme periods of drought (climate change);
  • prevent the progressive depletion of groundwater systems and promote groundwater protection at supraregional, cross-border level;
  • ensure food production, and promote wastewater reuse in irrigated agriculture and sustainable development in the rural areas;
  • rehabilitate the ecosystems in the Lower Jordan Valley;
  • stabilize the water balance of the Dead Sea;
  • anchor the IWRM concept in the partner countries.