Key Products

The SALAM Initiative provides 18 Key Products for establishing a transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. Methods, results and specific recommendations and measures with regards to the Key Products are detailed in Policy Briefs. Please navigate to a detailed description of each Key Product through the following menu.

The SALAM Brochure compiles all Policy Briefs.

Water Resources Planning

Future Freshwater Deficits in Palestine and Jordan

Partner Organisations: MWI, PWA

Water Production and Transfer Strategies

Authors: RWC, UGOE, EWRE
Partner Organisations: DI, ATEEC, HEC, PWA, MWI, HSI, MEK

On- and Offshore Solutions for Large-Scale Seawater Desalination at the Mediterranean Coast

Author: STEP
Partner Organisations: RWC, ATEEC, HEC, EWRE, MWI

Innovative Water-Energy SWAP Concept between Israel and Jordan

Author: STEP
Partner Organisations: DI, EWRE, RWC, UGOE

Water Conveyance System for Freshwater Deficit Coverage in Jordan and Palestine

Author: DI
Partner Organisations: RWC, ATEEC, HEC, EWRE, MWI

Regional Wastewater Infrastructure Development Strategies for Jordan and Palestine

Author: UFZ
Partner Organisations: DI, ATEEC, HEC, MWI

System Management, Water Storage & Reuse

Management Strategies for the Reuse of Treated Wastewater in the Lower Jordan Valley

Authors: KIT, HEC, ATEEC
Partner Organisations: UFZ, UDE

Inventory of Fractured-Porous Rock Aquifers for Managed Aquifer Recharge with Desalinated Seawater

Author: UGOE
Partner Organisations: HSI, Elias Salameh, Marwan Al-Raggad

Strategy Evaluation & SALAM Expert System

Techno-Economic Assessment of Water Infrastructure Projects

Author: UDE
Partner Organisations: STEP, DI, EWRE, UK, RWC, UGOE

Regional Macro-Model for Transboundary Water Resources Planning

Partner Organisations: DI, I3S

Multi-Criteria Analysis of Water Resources Planning Options

Author: UDE
Partner Organisations: RWC, PHG, HEC, ATEEC, HSI, STEP, DI, UFZ, KIT, UGOE

SALAM Information and Expert System

Authors: UGOE, I3S, INT, RWC
Partner Organisations: UDE, EWRE, PWA, MWI

Water Strategy Comparison & Implementation

Assessment of Freshwater Strategies and Recommendations for Implementation

Authors: RWC, EWRE, UGOE
Partner Organisations: UDE, Maria Pinheiro (UGOE), DI, ATEEC, HEC, PWA, MWI, HSI