Regional Wastewater Infrastructure Development Strategies for Jordan and Palestine

Author: UFZ
Partner Organisations: DI, ATEEC, HEC, MWI

Key Findings

  • The GIS-based tool SWAMP (Multi-Scale Wastewater Master-Planning) was developed within the SALAM Initiative to estimate the additionally required wastewater infrastructure at high temporal and spatial resolution.
  • By 2050 it is expected that 954 Mio. m³ per year of wastewater will be generated in Jordan and the West Bank, Palestine, which represents a significant water reuse potential, provided that it is safely collected and adequately treated.
  • The SWAMP tool was used to develop two technical options -decentralized and centralized- for expanding wastewater infrastructure.
  • As a result, the required infrastructure and costs of centralized and decentralized expansion options for wastewater treatment and reuse in the region were defined.

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