The work done in SALAM is based on a long history of collaboration in the region. Previously, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded the projects SMART I (2006-2010), SMART II (2010-2013), and SMART-MOVE (2014-2018), which focused on developing and implementing a comprehensive and sustainable IWRM concept for the catchment area of the Lower Jordan River.

The first phase was dedicated to creating an inventory of all available, including yet unused water resources. The second developed new technological approaches for seawater desalination, wastewater treatment and reuse, and Managed Aquifer Recharge. The third phase then focused on implementing the results and develop large-scale solutions in the regional context. It was as part of SMART-MOVE that the consortium proposed five water production and water transfer options (so-called SALAM WPOs). All WPOs were based on seawater desalination at various locations on the Mediterranean and Red Sea, and as a whole, could solve the region’s quantitative water problem.

The key results of SMART I, SMART II, and SMART-MOVE are summarized in reports and broschures, which are available for download below.

Final report of SMART I

Final report of SMART II

Final report of SMART-MOVE

SMART brochure