Assessment of Freshwater Strategies and Recommendations for Implementation

Authors: RWC, EWRE, UGOE
Partner Organisations: UDE, Maria Pinheiro (UGOE), DI, ATEEC, HEC, PWA, MWI, HSI

Key Findings

  • The most cost-effective water strategies consist of a combination of different water transfer projects and rely on seawater desalination at selected locations.
  • The assessment of alternative water strategies based on a performance matrix shows that there is a need for further improvement, e.g. with regard to the integration of renewable energies and environmental impact minimization.
  • Several issues still remain to be addressed before implementing a water strategy at the regional and national levels, including the issue of the resilience of water resources systems in facing the adverse effects of climate change and the transboundary management of groundwater systems.

Full Policy Brief